There are some of us that are snackers and others of us that can go through from breakfast to lunch and from lunch to dinner without needing anything! I’m definitely not that person because I love a good snack, I mean, what tastes better than a big spoon of crunchy peanut butter?

Whether it’s mid-morning  or t 3pm, some of us get to that time of day where our  tummy and brain starts to telling us that we need a little fuel to satisfy us until lunch or dinner.

So, what are 10 snacks you can have during those in between times?

I have grouped these foods to allow for optimal nutrient absorption by the body and complete satisfaction.

  1. Peanut butter on 1 slice of sprouted bread or sourdough or grainy bread of your choice.

  2. Greek yogurt with mixed berries and cinnamon.  

  3. Almond spread or another nut spread of your choice with sliced apple, banana or strawberries.

  4. Turkey breast, tomato and cucumber on 2 slices of crisp bread.  My favourite choice is Organ Quinoa Crisps or Corn Thins Multi-Grain.  These are both gluten free options.

  5. A handful of almonds and a banana.

  6. A boiled egg on 1 slice of sprouted bread or sourdough or grainy bread of your choice.

  7. Cottage cheese with a tablespoon of nuts and seeds, and blueberries.

  8. Cacao Protein Balls 

  9. Sliced mixed vegetables (carrots, celery, cucumber, capsicum) with hummus or nut butter.

  10. A quarter of an avocado, cucumber, tomato with 50g sweet potato.

One thing that we need to remember is that a snack is just that… a snack.  Sometimes we can get a little carried away and end up consuming a lot more than we think, whoops! As a guide, when we refer to a ‘handful of nuts’, in grams that about 30g or a ¼ cup.

So next time, you are feeling hungry, why not try having one of these!  

**BONUS* *A couple of pieces of dark chocolate (75% or higher) or cacao in almond milk with some stevia is also a nice little dessert or snack when you feel you just need a little more than what’s listed.