Holidays, we all love them.  We wait patiently each day at work until it is time to go setting up countdown notes on our desk. We plan what we need, we research what historical sights to go see, we look for restaurant, bar and café recommendations, we try and find the secret local spots in hope of living like a local.

Holidays are about letting go, enjoying yourself and rewarding yourself for all your hard work.  They are there for you to reset, so when you do go back to work and everyday life you are recharged and ready to work.  Studies have actually found that employees that take holidays are more productive and more likely to get a promotion.

I am a massive advocate for indulging on holidays and immersing yourself in the culture. So how can you do this and also stay balanced and healthy?

These are my five ways to stay balanced and healthy while on holidays:

1. Explore cities and towns using your legs, not only is this the best way to come across authentic hidden gems, but it is also a way for you to keep active while you are away and burn extra calories.

2. Eat a healthy, wholesome packed breakfast.  Even if you have had a big night out the night before and maybe stopped for a slice of pizza on the way home, make sure you start the next day with a breakfast filled with the right fats, carbs and proteins. Opt for eggs, wholegrain toast, spinach, cucumber, tomato, full fat cheese, mushrooms, and some fruit, with yogurt and fibre packed oats.

3. Stay hydrated.  Keep drinking water.  It is easy to forget to stay hydrated while you are off exploring and drinking cocktails by the ocean. Drinking water is also an easy way for us to flush out toxins.

4. Try hit the gym twice a week for 30 minutes if you can’t get for a walk.  This way you won’t lose your fitness and motivation for when you get back home and you can stay healthy.  Maybe do some intervals, body weight exercises, do some Pilates or yoga.

5. Read a book.  For me it is an absolute luxury to be able to pick up a fiction novel and totally immerse myself in the story for a good 3 hours while soaking up the sun or sitting at breakfast for 3 hours, because really what else do you have to rush to?

Most importantly, let go of the guilty of indulgence, have fun and enjoy your holiday! Everything will be the same when you get back and you’ll get back into your routine in no time! :)