Whether you are trying to get healthy or just stay healthy, making sure your pantry and fridge is filled with a basic set of nourishing and wholesome foods is my number one rule.  Having these essentials in easy possession will make whipping up a dinner after work or after picking up the kids from school convenient and easy.  What more do we all want? Convenience and health, right?

Having the right pantry staples means you can also feel comfortable knowing that at any time you can open your fridge and pantry to create a nourishing meal or even whip up some delicious banana bread.

These are 10 pantry and 12 fridge essentials I always have stocked to make sure I can always create something healthy and delicious to eat:

Pantry essentials

  1. Complex carbohydrates.  These include my rice, grains and beans.  For rice I choose, brown rice and basmati rice.  The grains: Oats, quinoa, quinoa flakes. Beans: Black beans or kidney beans

  2. Gluten free crackers. I like Organ quinoa crispbreads but also choose soy and linseed or multigrain corn thins

  3. Almond butter (macro) and peanut butter (I like Sanitarium crunchy because it contains no additives and is relatively cheap)

  4. Spices (besides salt and pepper), these include garlic salt, turmeric, paprika, oregano, chilli flakes, cinnamon and mixed spice

  5. Olive oil and coconut oil

  6. Apple cider vinegar

  7. Sweet potato

  8. Almond meal

  9. Raw honey

  10. Teas: my favourites are lemon and ginger, and jasmine green tea

Fridge essentials

  1. Baby spinach

  2. Avocados

  3. Lemons

  4. Carrots

  5. Cucumbers

  6. Greek yogurt

  7. Berries

  8. Bananas

  9. Almond milk

  10. Eggs

  11. Halloumi cheese

  12. Eggplant


With all these ingredients you can cook up simple, balanced healthy meals and snacks in no time!

What are some of your pantry and fridge essentials?