It’s about that time of the night. You’ve just finished work and the thought of entering the supermarket, buying stuff and cooking it is in the ‘way too hard’ basket.  Let’s be honest, we’re busy and these things happen.

When this happens to me the first thing I do is get onto my Deliveroo app. Truth! Now before you start shaking your heads, let’s all acknowledge that yes takeout is not always a healthy option as you don’t how the food is made, but after some trying and testing a few options, I’ve found a few healthy Deliveroo options that you don’t need to feel bad about ordering!

  1. The Char – This is my equivalent of your local charcoal chicken shop. We also have one, but when you go to order don’t get caught up in ordering chips and fried chicken devil wings. We all want to have a 6-pack down at the beach too! My favourite thing is Portuguese chicken with lemon and herb sauce, some mixed roasted vegetables and rocket salad with goats cheese, sweet potato, and sundried tomatoes, with balsamic vinaigrette.

  2. Raw Bar – This one is a little on the expensive side but I can’t go past their sashimi, raw bar salad and teriyaki salmon. Not to mention raw tuna inside out roll. There is a mix of carbs, protein and fresh salad. Just be careful with Japanese as they like to add sugar to their sauces and rice.

  3. Mr Perkins – Perfect for all my vegetarian friends out there. From delicious salads (my fave is the quinoa, pumpkin and goat’s cheese, to wholesome soups - my favourite is the lentil dhal soup, and yummy broths packed with nutrients and  vitamins – try the shiitake mushroom!

  4. Sabbaba - An explosion of flavours and nourishing food all put into one pocket.  This Mediterranean, Israeli and Cypriot influenced restaurant tickets all the boxes.  It's balanced, delicious and wholesome.  Three types of salads, dairy free dips, wholemeal pita bread and a meat of your choice (my fave is chicken shish), and haloumi or falafel.  Go Mediterranean when getting take out.

  5. Marcelleria - This is no ordinary butcher.  The meat is high quality and the sides are prepared daily. Choose your protein (I love the chicken skewers), get a salad and roasted vegetables, or sweet potato wedges (just watch these as they are highly addictive and portion blow out is very easy!) and there you have it, the perfect meal.   A totally enjoyable experience.

Obviously these are specific to your area, but what you should look for when ordering take out try look for these:

  1. Grilled or roasted meats such as chicken or fish

  2. High quality meats

  3. Wholesome comfort food, such as soups

  4. Go Mediterranean

  5. Raw is always good