Easter is this weekend.  It is a time for us to sit back, relax and enjoy time with loved ones whether you celebrate it or just take it as a weekend off.  So much chocolate around, baked hot cross buns Easter is fast approaching.  

This is a time for us to let go of the usual day-to-day routine, habits and schedules, and just go with it.  For me, and I am sure for most, it is a time of over indulging and feeling like an extra ring has accumulated around the belly.  

How can we get through the next four days and still stay balanced?

  1. Stay Active.  Get up in the morning before the madness starts, throw your sneakers on and go for a walk, jog, resistance training, yoga or swimming.  Staying active helps us burn some extra calories and also helps keep us mentally sane over this busy time.  For me, walking is a great low impact way to expend calories, and also a perfect way to clear your head and recharge my battery.

  2. Sleep. Get some extra zzz’s.  You have an extra 2 days to have a big sleep in so use them!  Have a lie in or take an afternoon nap.  Sleep is a cheap and easy way to make yourself feel better and boost your mood.  It is also the best time for our liver to detox (a process which will be in overdrive over the Easter weekend) and has been shown to have positive benefits for weight, our heart and our minds.

  3. Get out into the sun.  Vitamin D is exactly what you need to make sure you are getting not only this weekend, but throughout your life.  What you may not know about Vitamin D is that it has been shown to stimulate insulin production by the pancreas.  Insulin helps regulate the sugar (glucose) levels in our blood.  With all the chocolate we are going to consume, we are going to need to make sure our hormones are working properly to balance out our bodies!

  4. Drink lemon and warm water in the morning.   Drinking lemon in warm water first thing in the morning can aid digestion, through stimulating the release of gastric juices, and also help detox the bowels.  We’ll definitely need to keep our gastrointestinal tract healthy to counteract the over indulgence.

  5. Practice compassion.  Be kind to yourself...Why? Because it is a time for celebrating with friends and family, and taking a break.  Don’t sweat the little things.  Give yourself a break, enjoy the hot cross buns, homemade biscuits and the extra glass of wine.   Shower yourself with compassion and know that life is about balance and living!

Give it a go! Happy Easter everyone.